Techical Services

Technical Service is a new business concept whereby MITEC is appointed as management outsource to our steel mill and rolling mill customers. Our technical teams are experienced and come from renowned Chinese steel companies. Remuneration shall be charged based on cost/ton steel production associated with reward and penalty on key performance indexes.

SMP & Rolling Mill Management
Induction Furnace Refractory Management
High Carbon Steel Product Development

EPCC & Turnkey Solutions

MITEC undertakes EPCC contract to construct steel-making plants. We are specialized in consultancy, engineering design, steel process optimization, equipment integration services on blast furnace complex, EAF, convertor, LF, slab and billet caster, torch cutting machine, de-dusting system, auxiliary equipment, and system automation for steel making applications. Our solutions shall also cover the EPCC of rolling mill.

Induction Furnace EPCC
Continuous Casting Machine Upgrading
Cooling Tower Revamping

Graphite Electrode Anti-Oxidation Dipping Service

Our technology relates to that micro-nano ceramic powder mixed in water which are filled into the porous body of graphite electrode. At a designed curing temperature, it forms a micro-nano ceramic film around the grain of the graphite electrode. it is proven to effectively improve the high-temperature oxidation resistance and strength of graphite electrodes, this reduces the consumption of graphite electrodes used in EAF and LF.

Our factory, Heatworks Pvt, Ltd. of Jamshedpur India is currently providing graphite electrode anti-oxidation service to steel mill enterprises within India.

The Group has also incorporated Antioxidation Technology Pte Ltd (“ATPL”) as head office in Singapore with objective to promote our technology and services worldwide. it is poised to be the channel to enter collaboration and service agreements with international steel mill enterprises.

End- to- End Refractory Solution

In view of the large demand and import dependance of the magnesite base refractory product for Indian Iron & Steel industry, Heatworks Pvt Ltd India, Delong Mineral Industry Co Ltd, Dashiqiao City China and Modern Integration Technology Sdn Bhd (MITEC) Malaysia have jointly incorporated a joint venture company in Malaysia named Heatworks Delong Sdn Bhd.

Heatworks Delong Sdn Bhd. is poised to be one of major and important magnesite base refractory manufacturer to India. Having the fact that Delong’s manufacturing plant is strategically located in Dashiqiao City, Yingko Province whereby Dashiqiao City has the largest magnesite deposit of Liaoning province, accounting for about 50% of China’s magnesite deposits. Whereas, Heatworks Pvt. Ltd, India has the readied vast network and domestic resources to support the product application and/or provide total refractory management to the Indian Steel Mill Enterprises. Thus, the JV company enables an end-to-end supply chain integration with competitive price, timely product delivery, and close proximity application service support.


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